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The Penetrating Power of Essential Oils

There’s something to essential oils that clearly distinguishes it from other medicines, both modern and traditional, and that is the penetrating power. It is thought that essential oils easily interact with the body’s chemistry which perhaps explains its many successes. The penetrating power of essential oils can simply be explained using the following instance.

The safe home test

First, pick out an evening you plan to stay home. Take a piece of garlic and cut it half then rub the cut slide all around the bottom of your feet. Wear your socks and wait. Twenty minutes later, you’ll notice that the oil from the garlic has disappeared into your blood stream. During the same twenty minutes, it will ascend to your head right from the bottom of your feet. That, people, is the real penetrating power of oils, and mostly essential oils.

Let’s examine in detail the molecular structure of essential oils so as to understand more about this penetrating power.

Molecular Structure

Molecules of all kinds vibrate at different frequencies. When it’s light, the vibration will be faster. But then when the molecule is heavier, it slows down the vibration. Here’s an example to illustrate it.

The reason why you are able to jump from the edge of a swimming pool and make it easily past the surface of the water is because of the faster molecular frequency of water. Now, picture yourself standing next to a wooden wall. Imagine what would become of you if you ran into it head first. Well, if you don’t twist your neck, you’ll probably end up with a head injury or other complications. And this is due to the fact that molecules belonging to a tree are heavy and will certainly vibrate at a slower rate.

Same thing applies to essential oils. Now, when it comes to essential oils, they are light and will vibrate at a very high frequency hence they will have very little trouble going past your skin surface. Do you get the gist? Great.

Here’s also another characteristic that illustrates the penetrating power of essential oils.

Absorption rates

Earlier on we looked at how garlic oil made into the blood stream in twenty minutes. Well, that would certainly qualify as the average rate of absorption for essential oils. But not all of the essential ways are actually absorbed right away. In majority of the essential oils, the most absorbable contents will appear after the twenty minutes. Heavier oils might take up to an hour to find their way in there.
If you are looking for deeper penetration, always go for the lighter carrier oil such as coconut or grape seed. This is especially so because any time we have an essential oil diluted in a carrier oil, we slow down further the rate of absorption.

A flip side to it though that actually makes essential oils multipurpose is that the remaining essential oils that stick to the skin surface will actually act as skin care products.

All in all, the oil’s absorption rates certainly display its penetrating power as a simple natural treatment.

Another instance of the essential oils penetrating power is its direct healing properties.

Direct healing properties

It’s quite interesting to note that an essential oil will directly go to where you need it most. For instance, if you apply it to your toning muscles (pre-work out oil), most of the essential will certainly stick within the said muscle. And if you have some cramped muscles, any essential oil you apply will remain exactly in those areas where you needed it. This is perhaps the major reason why essential oils are able to take care of several infections, ease cramping muscles and also relieve bruises.

There has been little controversy regarding what means of administering essential oils actually maximizes its penetrating power. Some will argue for and others against massages and inhaling. But what is rather interesting is that anytime you try any of those you definitely enjoy all the benefits offered by all the above methods.’


The penetrating power of essential oils is indeed the reason why it has been able to raise the spiritual, physical and emotional being of many people. It remains, to date, a magical form of treatment. So if you really wish to experience this penetrating power, why not try out essential oils today? Besides, you’ll also experience its amazing health benefits which I’m proud to let you know we’ll discuss them in detail in our next post. So keep snooping so as you not may be left behind.